Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014!!

Ok so we have had a bunch going with our family lately.....of course. Therefore I've been a slacker getting our Christmas festivities posted! We will have some big ole changes this year but I'll get to that later......

Christmas Eve held the usual chaos for us......lots of loud crazy and fun:)

the Wells joined us as usual
Courtney made the kids fun Christmas drinks!

a glimpse of the crew

this is the best I could get of this crew
the rest are hilarious!


they were told they could act silly so they could get it out of their system

they didn't lol

can you tell that Jacob just did something to his brother
he has that "who me?" look haha

after dinner
the smart ones that stayed at the table!

these two make me laugh out loud!!!
I think Jacob was ready to go to bed
and Tyler....the circus???

this was the best they could do lol

twins home to bed
the rest of us playing scribblish
with a box of cupcakes in the middle!

goofy mom/son!

lastly we opened pj's

John David read The Night Before Christmas

Janie was a beautician during the story

Julianne read the true Christmas story of our Christ's birth

the next morning they waited

and waited....
waiting is so hard:)

LOVE Madeline's excitment!

Anna and Elsa for Janie

a new hoodie for JD

Madeline got her long awaited ipad!

next up was a big ole breakfast
I got my creative on (thanks to Courtney)

and lastly opening gifts from each other....

the aftermath...
We had such a great Christmas
lots of family, games and eating!
This is the first year in a bit that I have relaxed and enjoyed it all
instead of being rushed and anxious!!
I shopped early and did not try to make everything perfect!
Amen is all I can say!
It was not perfect...
it was fabulous and enjoyed:)

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