Wednesday, December 31, 2014


The new change in our family is quite bittersweet.....

This is Carly
the precious daughter
of my friends Carl and Cathy

This sweet girl has endured much loss in her life at such a young age
she was 11 years old when her dear mom passed away after a short battle with uterine cancer
she is now 16 and lost her sweet dad due to a massive heart attack earlier this month

There are really no words for her losses....

This past week Carly moved in with us
that is the sweet of bittersweet.....

We are extremely thankful to have her with our family
her brothers are on their own now
so the decision was made by her oldest brother and Carly...
that our home is the best place for her
I'm thinking some days she may not agree due to the crazy;)
but we will try to make this as smooth a transition as possible for her
she will be able to stay in her high school, play lacrosse
have friends over etc etc etc

we have a big ole network of friends 
 (I shared about them here)
who will all be jumping in to help
along with her grandparents, aunt and uncle

we've got lacrosse games
 winter fest court (working on that dress now:)
senior year
graduation, college
and many more things to celebrate with her

She is surrounded by many who love her
many who are struggling with her losses as well
life does not make sense during such times....
but we know God is watching over her
He tells us
"There is an appointed time for everything,
and there is a time for every event under the sun"
Ecclesiastes 31:1
"a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance"
Ecclesiastes 31:4

I have faith that God will bless her with many days of laughter and dancing
in the future despite the many losses she has experienced...
She is busy with friends who love her
and has such a sweet spirit
I am so thankful to have her in our family!! 

Happy New Year!!!

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