Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Another awesome Thanksgiving!
We sure missed Allie and Eric
who were skiing with Eric's family....

We celebrated with some of our cousins
all kinds of crazy was made as usual
by Madeline and Janie
they sure love all the big kids
think they are just a bunch of toys to be played with:)

ok seriously do you think I dressed her like this???
She was in a cute MJ skirt and boots
at some point in time during the day she decided to put on her
only JANIE!!
that pose lol!

Madeline was obsessed with the fat of the ham
don't ask!

does she not look like she is in pure bliss???

Janie decided to check it out as well....

Chris and Austin were ganged up on and made to have all kinds of fun

I love seeing all the cousins together
we are  blessed that they still enjoy each other so much!
Lots and lots of history with these kiddos!

 missing Allie and Eric, Andie and Ron,
and Wes and Amy

Janie is "teaching" Austin to dance
I'm sure he needed the lesson:)

goodness she is such a goof...
I cannot imagine our lives without this little spitfire!

that evening Wes and Amy came with their sweet girls

just a glimpse of all hanging 

earlier in the day Janie took Daddy out to take pictures of her in the leaves

she is so precious
from what I understand she hosted her own "adventure"
she had every single big kid out with her in search of
"oh whatever entered her mind to look for"
they all obliged!!!

John David is a bit obsessed with photography now
here is one of his pics..
love it!!!

LOTS to be thankful for!!

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