Thursday, October 9, 2014

Locks of Love!!

A few months ago Madeline decided she wanted to donate her hair to Locks of Love. A few of her friends at school have given their hair and she had asked me bunches of questions. We waited til fall break for her hair appointment and today was the big day:)

Jana is the first and only person Madeline has allowed to cut her hair!
I took her repeatedly to various people and she would have nothing to do with it
(ie screaming ect)
I had to cut her hair on my own for a few years, we are talking 2 or 3...
so that head of gorgeous hair was not very even for some time
and she had a LOT of hair even as a baby!
Oh and let's not forget that she cut her hair on her own about 3 times....
thankfully that was after she allowed Jana to cut it!!

Needless to say this was a big step for Miss M!

measuring the 10 inches required....yikes!!!

haha I just noticed my foil head in background!!
and to think we all thought my hair is natural 
and has no grey.....bigger laugh!

I am so proud of my Madeline!!!
She wants to know the little girl that gets to use it:)

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