Monday, October 20, 2014

A Day in the Life........ a Bunch of Crazy:)

After a morning spent at the pool for a swim meet for John David we spent the rest of the day outside. By the way JD had a great meet and qualified in more events for state:). 

These pictures totally capture a normal day at home with our crazy crew!

I was at the grocery when Hank texted me that if an afterlife existed he would never want to come back as one of our chickens or bunnies.....

Apparently the girls had managed to wrangle all the chickens and bunnies in to their fort:)

Just so you know......
they are all safe and healthy

the big kiddos came over for dinner and we spent a normal afternoon together....

the dogs run for Eric the second he walks in the door:)

Goldbug waiting for JD to throw her toy....

then a dancing performance occured

an iphone just can't capture constant motion haha!

wish I had that energy....
just sayin

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