Sunday, October 26, 2014

Toms Farm!

Such a fun afternoon and evening at Toms Farm!  The girls had a blast hanging with big girls:). We picked John David up from the church retreat on the way and did not see him again until it was time to leave, I think teenager time has started!!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tough Enough.....Am I?????

This title made me laugh a little.....
yesterday our school had their annual tough enough event
it is always so fun for the kids....
the upper school students have a carnival of sorts for the kids
face painting, cake walk ect
then all the families walk to the field 
for grade level races across or around the field depending on their grade.

the afternoon started off great
with a little face painting

haha found this on my phone
Janie's selfie to see what her unicorn looks like:)


bean bag throw

more friends

JK's lined up for their race
Janie is on the very end

I love how she is looking at me:)

look at Madeline go!

I am so proud of my girls
this is an intimidating thing for them to do
they are both very excited going into it
but then both start getting anxious
lots of people
having to "perform"
things that many kids just do without a thought
but not these two

wish I had gotten a pic with eyes open....geez mom check your pics
could have been that another little peep was starting down that slippery 
melt down slope????

this one perhaps????
...refused picture taking...

this is where the title Tough Enough...Am I???
...makes me laugh a bit now
not last night let me add!
keepin it real
just sayin

We were supposed to stay for the kids to sing the national anthem with their classes before the game
one little peep named Madeline was too stressed about it
( insert whining, impatience ect)
we made the call to head on out to eat
not a good choice according to peep number 2
a fit of large proportions ensued...
a stand off of sorts
(all in front of the school)
until her Daddy picked her up
yelling and screaming
and put her in his truck....
enough said

needless to say....
we did not go out to eat as planned!

All kidding aside
this was a normal evening for us these days
lots of impromptu last minute changes due to the emotional needs
these girls of mine experience

My question
 Am I???...

able to
stay calm
parent correctly
love deeply
hold tightly
understand wisely
decide quickly
be the mom God wants me to be

all these thoughts plague me daily
as we struggle through the "not so fun even though the pics look fun" times....
I try to remember the actual fun in these moments 
and laugh about the not so fun!

 earlier in the day 
my princess was very happy 

eating Chinese food with Mommy

thankfully she did not eat ALLLL of that food
even though she said she could!!

Monday, October 20, 2014

A Day in the Life........ a Bunch of Crazy:)

After a morning spent at the pool for a swim meet for John David we spent the rest of the day outside. By the way JD had a great meet and qualified in more events for state:). 

These pictures totally capture a normal day at home with our crazy crew!

I was at the grocery when Hank texted me that if an afterlife existed he would never want to come back as one of our chickens or bunnies.....

Apparently the girls had managed to wrangle all the chickens and bunnies in to their fort:)

Just so you know......
they are all safe and healthy

the big kiddos came over for dinner and we spent a normal afternoon together....

the dogs run for Eric the second he walks in the door:)

Goldbug waiting for JD to throw her toy....

then a dancing performance occured

an iphone just can't capture constant motion haha!

wish I had that energy....
just sayin

Monday, October 13, 2014


The girls and I got to go visit my brother Uncle John and Aunt Jo this weekend. We finally got to meet their newest family member Zoe. She is so precious!!!! It was so fun to see Zachary be such a great big brother to his little sister.

on our way!!!
had to leave the house at 5:20 am.....yikes!!!

the 3 amigos going to the park

sweet Zachary

riding the train with Uncle John

carousel ride:) 

Madeline wanted a selfie:)

the next morning Zachary and I sent obnoxious selfies to my niece Meredith
she was amused:)

precious Zoe

the musicians

they circled the room at least 4692 times ha!

can you tell which child was sad to leave and which one was excited about going home to "her own bed"

this is how they roll when waiting in line....

as soon as Janie finally stopped wiggling....
she was out, gum and all:)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Locks of Love!!

A few months ago Madeline decided she wanted to donate her hair to Locks of Love. A few of her friends at school have given their hair and she had asked me bunches of questions. We waited til fall break for her hair appointment and today was the big day:)

Jana is the first and only person Madeline has allowed to cut her hair!
I took her repeatedly to various people and she would have nothing to do with it
(ie screaming ect)
I had to cut her hair on my own for a few years, we are talking 2 or 3...
so that head of gorgeous hair was not very even for some time
and she had a LOT of hair even as a baby!
Oh and let's not forget that she cut her hair on her own about 3 times....
thankfully that was after she allowed Jana to cut it!!

Needless to say this was a big step for Miss M!

measuring the 10 inches required....yikes!!!

haha I just noticed my foil head in background!!
and to think we all thought my hair is natural 
and has no grey.....bigger laugh!

I am so proud of my Madeline!!!
She wants to know the little girl that gets to use it:)