Sunday, September 28, 2014

Alcatraz Swim and Obnoxious Selfies......

Last year when we swam Alcatraz Hank made the dumb statement that we should swim it every year until we are 60 since our first time was for our 50th birthdays. I pretty much taunted him into it again this year since he was the one to suggest who doesn't love a trip to San Francisco. I can do anything for 45 minutes to get a trip out of it haha!! 

The swim did not disappoint! It was nice not being nervous wrecks this year since we are such "pros" (ha) being our second time and all. I actually got hot(an obnoxious perk of being menopausal, Hank was perfectly comfortable), the water was 66 degrees, last year 59. Both of our times were faster this year but we both attribute that to better navigating. My funny moment was when I started relaxing as I approached the opening to the bay and just started sighting the opening instead of to the right of it to compensate for the current.....big mistake... pro that I am. I was so proud of myself that I was not going to come in down the wall this year. I noticed a kayak next to me and looked up and saw the wall and said "crap!"  The kayaker laughed, he was there guiding the swimmers back on course. 

On to our obnoxious selfies!!!

on our way to San Fran

Before the big event!!
in all my glory... no makeup, good thing I wear it most allllll the time!

proof that we are not the only crazy swimmers out there!

what we texted John David after we finished...
I'm quite confident he was not amused....
but positive his parents are total dorks!

all done!
hoping to do it again next year:)

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