Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More New Family Members!!!

Made you nervous for just a minute didn't I????

 No more children or marriages....more chickens!!

 Sadly Blackie, Madeline's favorite chicken was killed by a hawk. I know in the middle of Germantown, dumb hawk doesn't he know he can't carry a chicken off??? It took us days to tell Madeline about it....she was upset and then got it quickly, out of our control...the whole circle of life Daddy told her he would get her more chickens....

introducing Oreo and Sunnyshine
Janie named Sunnyshine
Daddy asked her
"don't you want to call her Sunshine instead of Sunnyshine?"
She just looked at him like he has no understanding of naming a pet
simply said "No Sunnyshine"

get ready way tooooooo many pics but I could not choose!
I caught Madeline in the mood to please her Mom:)

oh my goodness I love this picture so much!!

we are keeping the young chickens in this cage until they are big enough to be with the big chickens....
the girls hold them every day to get them accustomed to being handled

I'm not gonna lie
she takes my breath away


she looks so grown up in the last 3 pics!

if you are wondering why there are not many pics of  JanieJane????
she was way too busy helping Daddy set mole traps.....

chasing the big chickens.......

and chasing the big chickens...
poor Buffy
oh!! no animals were harmed during the filming:)
look at that chicken run!!!! lol

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