Sunday, August 17, 2014

Happy Birthday Julianne aka Juju

Happy birthday to my original baby! I cannot believe she turned 23 on the 15th.....the years just fly by don't they?? I have to say I am a total spoiled brat to have all my big kids in town. I so appreciate it was always a dream of mine to have them all here. I know it may not last forever but I will enjoy it while it lasts! We all went to eat today celebrate her birthday.

I am so thankful for all these kiddos!!

Before school started I promised Madeline that we would go to the Children's Museum...well life did not work out that way so we went on Saturday and took Carson along with us.

Madeline looks so happy here!

disco yeah

girlfriend is going to be scary when she starts driving

then we went to Gardner and Kendyl's house to meet Astro!!!
we checked out Gardner and Kendyl's music room...
the kids "played"

fun times:)

now on to first day of school.....
actually it was the second day of school but it still counts doesn't it???

haha keepin it real!!
always a little drama with the drama queen!!!
John David 7th eeek!
Madeline 2nd
Janie JK....
again and it is oh so good, she is so very happy!!!

I'll leave you with this since I need  want to go back!

and then there's this lol

ok in his defense this did not happen at lunch today!:)

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