Saturday, July 19, 2014

Southeastern Championship

John David is having a great meet so far. He swam 2 events yesterday and 3 this morning. His best so far has been the 100 fly, he shaved almost 4 seconds off his time. He was not happy with his 50 free, added less than a second. It is so crazy how much time a second is in swimming!!

Just a few iphone pics so far......

John David got to swim in the new pool last night for the relay
it sure was not this nice when I came to school here!

getting ready to swim 100 fly

11-12 year old SE "manly" pic

Coach Rick talking him through his upcoming 200 IM

Since it is rainy and chilly right now I thought some beach pics would help...

Janie looks like a shark:)

I can't believe this is an iphone pic!

boys have a hard time growing up:)
I looked out the window and he is playing with 5 year old Cannon's transformers!!
He messed with them for an hour.....
I wish I was a boy lol!!!

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