Wednesday, July 23, 2014

So Behind I Can't Catch Up!!

With this blog that is!! I cannot seem to find the time or desire to keep updating, this must be a blog slump I'm in.....but then I think of all the blog books my kids love to look through so I will try to catch up with an obnoxious amount of iphone pics:)

Janie loves swim team!

Madeline "braided" her hair on her own like Elsa
that hair of hers looks gorgeous any way she wears it!!

John David is "coaching" Janie before her race!

she is a girl on a mission when she swims

just chillin before her next race
love those crossed legs

a sweet moment caught between sisters
Madeline is reading The Wizard of Oz to Janie because she found my Dorothy dress
don't ask why I own a Dorothy dress....I just do

gymnastics camp
I could not get a pic of Janie that was not a total blur
girlfriend can move!

a not so typical night out with my big kids
as soon as they got in the car they starting whining and telling on each other like the littles
we laughed and laughed

our night out was to see Toad the Wet Sproket

and Counting Crows
whoo hooo
they did not disappoint
such a fun fun night!

next up was taking John David to camp
for 2 weeks
geez I missed him!

goof ball

the crew

their cabin
I just realized I loaded the goofy pic...
the counselor on the
his mother would be so proud!

the girls ready for vbs

crazy hair day
I love Janie's arm around Madeline

on to the 4th of July
I picked the dogs up from the groomer and laughed...
I think Goldbug was embarrassed 

Odie does not care as long is there is food or paper around
yes, he eats paper any chance he gets

we picked up John David on the 4th....
the girls ran to hug John Parker before John David...
in their defense they had not seen John Parker for a year:)

receiving his award 
for the life of me I cannot remember what it was
I know great mom!!
It was something about being disciplined and a rule follower
all true!

John David showed us around

back at home and ready to celebrate the 4th

gotta have a clown cone before the fireworks

more of the crew
Madeline was with us, just did not want to take part in any pics!

ok now this was fun
while waiting on dinner on our way to Nashville
every time I looked at Hank this is what I saw

he is looking at his phone in his lap

and again

and again
we are working on this....
that is me keeping a log of top of the head pics....
later he took a pic of me reading in the car
not a good comparison just sayin

crazy girl on our way to Nashville for my nieces wedding

wedding selfie
Kendyl!!!!! LOL

Janie had to have one next
those peeps on the row behind us are a little obnoxious haha

we had such a great time being with all the kids
even if their eyes glow and Gardner is giving a fake mad look!

Janie just being Janie at a wedding!

I think that about caught me up with a snippet of our summer...
right after the wedding we headed to Pensacola for a few days
and then John David and I went to Knoxville for his meet
gotta download those pics next:)

John David and Janie have the city meet this weekend 
then we have 2 weeks of downtime before school starts!

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