Saturday, June 7, 2014

Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

I am a slacker this week! It took me a few days to not feel like I had been hit by a truck and then a few more days to get used to the swim team schedule!

finally a pic with the "2nd batch" as we call them:)

my original baby!!

Alli, Ju and Sara

hanging and watching

I had butterflies watching!

what flower girls do when waiting for their turn

they were so so so good!!!

I love Pat (Chris's dad) in the background motioning for the lighting
he did such a great job with all the lighting details!!

in action!

Hank could not even talk during the rehearsal!
so sweet!

some of the cousins with JD

Barton, Aunt Karla, Emily with Eric and Allie

some of the fam!

Julianne and Chris's grandparents and Chris's Aunt Sally

the cute couple

Julianne with Chris's brother and sister:)
now her brother and sister!

Barton, Austin and my brother John with Allie, Gardner and Kendyl

my sister Meg with Dottie

my nephew Wes with Aunt Janet
the most amazing photo bomber ever JD!!!
if you ever wondered where my big kids get their eyes?? The Mounce side of the fam!!!

Andie and Lilly with another photo bomber!

Sara and Alli toasting:)

Gardner as the new Walter White making his toast

more photo bombers with the bride and bridesmaids

the whole happy crew!

the happy couple:)

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