Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Real Pics....Bridesmaids Luncheon

So, I finally got through all my pictures which really are not that many.....too busy to take enough pics! When Julianne and I talked the day after her wedding she asked me the same questions I asked were the tables???food???flowers????food arrangement?????? I could not really take it all in and neither could Julianne!!!

First off the pics from Julianne's bridesmaids luncheon....2 of my best friends, Dottie and Molly, along with Julianne's leader from high school, Missy, made it just beautiful!!

gorgeous flowers!

me and Dottie:)
how did I not get a pic with Molly too???

all the girls!

The girls with Maggie....

my niece Emily and sister in law Karla

Mom and her girls

Gracy, Whitney, Emily and Alli

Missy was Julianne's youth leader in Jr and Sr high!

love love love this picture of Maggie and Julianne!!
Julianne nannied for Maggie and her 2 brothers when she got back from Chicago until January..
she was so happy to see Maggie and her brother Sam (they moved in April:( )

Maggie and Madeline are very similar to each other!
gorgeous girls!

the crew!


next up Rehearsal Dinner!

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