Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Rehearsal Before the Rehearsal......

As I said before the girls are very imaginative.....give them a big sister getting married and imaginations run wild! Most all Sunday nights when all the bigs are over to eat Janie has some sort of "formance". So the ''formance" for the night was a wedding:). The pictures speak for themselves!!

Cinderella flower girl leading the way

Goldbug is ready

dancing before their "formance"

the "processional"

practicing being a flower girl
Odie is ready too:)

ring bearer
he makes me laugh!


of course she is the bride!

this is proof we are truly a strange family!

taking the sermon seriously
Kendyl is reading a program from a wedding we went to the night before
names, scripture, names and more names hahaha

tape rings
we take our "formances" seriously in this family!

this is proof that these girls are living with a bride to be....

first dance!

the REAL wedding is so close!

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