Sunday, May 25, 2014

Moving Day!

Saturday was move in day for Julianne and Chris! It took both families to move "his and hers" stuff, furniture and gifts. The apartment is so cute, new and old all in one.

Ju putting up all her new dishes

Hank waiting to see what else he can fix

Sara came to help as well
sorry Chris I did not check the eyes:)

the crazies doing what they do best

Then "the" couch
up 3 flights of stairs
took 5 guys

Right after I took this picture of Chris being squashed
he was pushed to the other side of the railing
like really hanging from the side!
not one of them saw him but Max
he grabbed the top railing and hopped up on the landing

you can tell by Max's arms over his head that none of us thought the couch was going in!
It did:)
more crazy antics

resting and eating while the Dad's put the bed together
apparently I'm challenged in the iphone picture taking process again!

Hanky measuring the bed
he is making a headboard for it:)

Such a fun day!!
We have a crazy fun week ahead of us....
I cannot believe my original baby will be married in just a few days!!!

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