Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Last Day of School...Field Day!

Playing a little catch up here!! The kids have been out of school a week today. I can hear the girls outside negotiating whose turn it is with the hose which they are using for their latest imaginary play. These two have quite an imagination and are constantly creating a huge mess a masterpiece of some sort or another. I am so thankful they have each other!

Madeline and Janie got to celebrate their last day with field day for M and an ice cream party for J.

Madeline has loved Colin since prek......
I think he tolerates her now haha

sweet Janie
she will be repeating JrK next year 
we believe this will give her some extra time to catch up and become more confident
she is a little sad not to be going with her friends 
our prayer for her is that she will continue to be the happy little spunk that she is:)

Only a few days until Julianne's wedding!!!!
We are in wedding mode full force right now....whooo hoooo!

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