Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hawaii!!! Days 1 & 2....

For one this trip went by way too fast!! We had such a great trip with wonderful friends. It included lots of laughter, awesome food, too many clouds, lots of sleep, a few adventures,and the most gorgeous views ever!

view of a rainbow from our room
looking the other direction is the pool and ocean:)

view through the lobby

we went shopping in Lahaina to find the sun and eat lunch

no words needed lol

found the sun again at the resort:)

the sunset at dinner! amazing!!

the men planning our outing
I was scared :)

gorgeous views EVERYWHERE!!

this is the entry to Mama's Fish House
wow...great food and atmosphere!

The days just rolled one into the other
good food, sun and sleep into the other!
More to come:)

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