Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ear Piercing....Days 1 and 2!!!

When Madeline got her ears pierced last year Janie was not interested in the least!!! I told her she could get hers pierced any time she was ready. Well.....last Tuesday out of the blue Janie Jane says she wants to get her ears pierced. I told her to think about, remember it hurts a bit:).

 She jumps in the car on Wednesday and asks if she can do it today! So off we went.......

Day 1
warning number one
only one girl working
 meaning one ear at a time
should have thought that one though better!
I should have known by that look on her face....
I was in TROUBLE!
She smiled once she saw the earring...
now I'm thinking we were in the clear...

the sweet girl helping us tried everything
sitting in my lap
all kinds of princess talk ect

I decided I could not put her through it...
so we walked out 
with ONE ear pierced!
All I can think about is
I am that Mom!

I told her Daddy could take the earring out tonight
or she could think about it and come back tomorrow....

Day 2
Julianne is the miracle worker
She shared her story of how scared she was when she was her age
and more words that only a big sister can come up with:)

All smiles and proud of herself!
that her ears cannot be seen because of her precious kissable cheeks!!!

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