Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Rehearsal Before the Rehearsal......

As I said before the girls are very imaginative.....give them a big sister getting married and imaginations run wild! Most all Sunday nights when all the bigs are over to eat Janie has some sort of "formance". So the ''formance" for the night was a wedding:). The pictures speak for themselves!!

Cinderella flower girl leading the way

Goldbug is ready

dancing before their "formance"

the "processional"

practicing being a flower girl
Odie is ready too:)

ring bearer
he makes me laugh!


of course she is the bride!

this is proof we are truly a strange family!

taking the sermon seriously
Kendyl is reading a program from a wedding we went to the night before
names, scripture, names and more names hahaha

tape rings
we take our "formances" seriously in this family!

this is proof that these girls are living with a bride to be....

first dance!

the REAL wedding is so close!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Last Day of School...Field Day!

Playing a little catch up here!! The kids have been out of school a week today. I can hear the girls outside negotiating whose turn it is with the hose which they are using for their latest imaginary play. These two have quite an imagination and are constantly creating a huge mess a masterpiece of some sort or another. I am so thankful they have each other!

Madeline and Janie got to celebrate their last day with field day for M and an ice cream party for J.

Madeline has loved Colin since prek......
I think he tolerates her now haha

sweet Janie
she will be repeating JrK next year 
we believe this will give her some extra time to catch up and become more confident
she is a little sad not to be going with her friends 
our prayer for her is that she will continue to be the happy little spunk that she is:)

Only a few days until Julianne's wedding!!!!
We are in wedding mode full force right now....whooo hoooo!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Moving Day!

Saturday was move in day for Julianne and Chris! It took both families to move "his and hers" stuff, furniture and gifts. The apartment is so cute, new and old all in one.

Ju putting up all her new dishes

Hank waiting to see what else he can fix

Sara came to help as well
sorry Chris I did not check the eyes:)

the crazies doing what they do best

Then "the" couch
up 3 flights of stairs
took 5 guys

Right after I took this picture of Chris being squashed
he was pushed to the other side of the railing
like really hanging from the side!
not one of them saw him but Max
he grabbed the top railing and hopped up on the landing

you can tell by Max's arms over his head that none of us thought the couch was going in!
It did:)
more crazy antics

resting and eating while the Dad's put the bed together
apparently I'm challenged in the iphone picture taking process again!

Hanky measuring the bed
he is making a headboard for it:)

Such a fun day!!
We have a crazy fun week ahead of us....
I cannot believe my original baby will be married in just a few days!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ear Piercing....Days 1 and 2!!!

When Madeline got her ears pierced last year Janie was not interested in the least!!! I told her she could get hers pierced any time she was ready. Well.....last Tuesday out of the blue Janie Jane says she wants to get her ears pierced. I told her to think about, remember it hurts a bit:).

 She jumps in the car on Wednesday and asks if she can do it today! So off we went.......

Day 1
warning number one
only one girl working
 meaning one ear at a time
should have thought that one though better!
I should have known by that look on her face....
I was in TROUBLE!
She smiled once she saw the earring...
now I'm thinking we were in the clear...

the sweet girl helping us tried everything
sitting in my lap
all kinds of princess talk ect

I decided I could not put her through it...
so we walked out 
with ONE ear pierced!
All I can think about is
I am that Mom!

I told her Daddy could take the earring out tonight
or she could think about it and come back tomorrow....

Day 2
Julianne is the miracle worker
She shared her story of how scared she was when she was her age
and more words that only a big sister can come up with:)

All smiles and proud of herself!
that her ears cannot be seen because of her precious kissable cheeks!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hawaii....Days 3 and On!

My goodness I have not really caught my breath since getting home, so posting has definitely taken a back seat to everything else! Madeline had her field day today and I can't download those pictures til I finish with Hawaii or it will never get done:)

I never took my good camera out of the bag the entire vacation....truly due to laziness but I figured the real photographers would catch the good stuff anyway ha! Thanks Di and Jenn!
I have always stunk at taking iphone pics but John David messed with my phone and it takes pretty good ones now!

On Wednesday Hank and I flew on a baby plane to Oahu to see a friend Darin. He took us all over the island and showed us the "local" areas. It was gorgeous!!! 

I took this from a moving car, so pretty!

A beach on the North Shore
I wanna go back!

This may show my stupidity....
I did not know pineapples grow right on the ground!
I believed there was such a thing as pineapple trees...
in my defense we don't grow pineapples in Tennessee
but whatever...
they grow on the ground on what looks like a yucca plant
which we do have in Tennessee
but they are so so ugly in Tennessee!

I felt right at home at the airport when we arrived back in Maui!!

Wednesday night we went to Lahaina Grill
best meal ever!!!
next to Mama's Fish House....
This is my favorite picture of the entire trip!
I can't even express how much fun we all had together...
truly dear friends forever!
And to think that adoption brought us all together...
one of those extra special God touches!

Thursday started off gorgeous
within an hour or so it began raining
the girls tried to wait it out
but even the towels over the cabana didn't help lol!

Gardner texted me Janie's latest get up!

the day ended gorgeous!
another great dinner....
my cook here just does not perform as well as the cooks in Hawaii...
maybe I should fire her????

on our way to the airport on Friday we stopped at Kimo's again....
our last meal with a view
so gorgeous!

I'm so thankful to have been able to go on this trip!
It was a much needed break for both of us...
hoping to go again some day:)