Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sweet Boy!

John David turned 12 on April 2nd....
I look at my title "Sweet Boy"
and my heart stands still just a bit
my days of calling him my sweet boy are quickly coming to an end...

He will always be my sweet boy but I know in the upcoming years
he will groan just a bit when I call him that
thinking I'm not a little boy anymore......

It seems like yesterday when Gardner sweetly asked me not to call him Bubby anymore
he was in 1st grade:)
I have been blessed with sweet boys
the girls will be the first to say they can get what they want from their Mom
it is all about the delivery and how well they treat me
I have been blessed with sweet husbands who have taught their sons well how to treat their mother 

trying to blow out his birthday breakfast candles by breathing on them!
Yes he is officially 12 and almost singed his eyebrows haha!

k let me explain a a big family like this Mom is hanging by her toenails sometimes and ALWAYS forgets candles for just add the numbers together and an extra for the year to grow on:)

and it would not be a normal night at home without some hair design or some other type of show!

 just for fun!! 
the girls ran inside the other day asked if they could put their suits on
I went out a bit later and this is what they were doing!
Love the boots!!
my goodness they have the cutest legs!

Happy birthday John David!!
We love you and are so proud of you!
I'll end this with a few thoughts about JD (as his friends call him)
on his 12th birthday

I already said SWEET
awesome swimmer
aggravates his sisters
fixer of things
maker of all things you tube related
aggravates his sisters
never wants you to go out of your way for him
will go out of his way for you
good friend
hates to get in trouble
thinks he has to have all A's
plans the next day as he goes to bed
worried that he forgot something when he gets up
loves his down time
loves Jimmy Fallon
aggravates his sisters
loves his cat
loves his family
loves God
hard worker
leader in school
loves to aggravate his sisters
needs some mom time when the house settles down at night
usually means some dvr'd Jimmy Fallon:)
and last but not least 

We love you John David and are so blessed that God granted this mom's prayers!

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