Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our Little Monkey!

is she cute or what???
The JK classes at our school invited their families to a circus:)
the program was so cute
Janie has been excited about it for days!

when she first got onstage she was a little obsessed with fixing her feet haha

cutest little thing ever fixing those pesky monkey feet!

this is Janie "striking a pose"

she was so so so excited that her cousin Meredith was there and of course JuJu and Chris!

Madeline got to see her program the day earlier for dress rehearsal....
when I picked her up from school she sounded just like a little teenager
"Mom, Janie was so adoooorable in her play, I mean she was adoooorable"
It is the sweetest thing in the world for me to see her loving her sister 
and being excited for her as she experiences new things!

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