Saturday, March 29, 2014

Life Lately......

Ok, so I have a child getting married
and a needy child in JK
need I say more...

oh yeah and just found out that I am definitely
sigh... I am 51...
 forgot my age along with everything else these days!
appointments, keys, glasses, coffee cup (I lose it at least 4 times each morning)
Guess that is why I don't sleep at night
am "slightly" an emotional wreck..
 did I say I cannot remember anything???
basically functioning like a 2 year old
look who is needy now! haha

Hank says it should be called
my response to him
well you are STUPIDPAUSE..
oh I make myself laugh!!

Anyway, life just keeps trucking along

Madeline had her Animal Play last week and it was adorable!

Madeline was a hippo
goodness she is a cutie!

her hippo head kept sliding down, so cute!

It was such a fun morning for these First graders!

Last night they had a "disco dance" birthday party for a few of the spring birthday kids

Carson, Gabby, Wilson, Molly and sassy Madeline

Just a few pics of how Janie spends her time

don't all girls want" long hair" ???

this is what she looked like as we walked into a restaurant lol

Janie and I went to Baskin Robbins yesterday...
I don't think they will let us in next time..
just sayin
Janie took over my phone haha

I can't even imagine what people around us were thinking...
but I'm menopausal so I'm allowed:)

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