Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy 2nd Family Day Janie!!!!

Two years ago today we walked into the civil affairs building in Changsha China to meet our 6th child. We were excited and very nervous, this being our first experience adopting an "older" child. Our sweet girl was so upset when we arrived, the thought still makes me so sad. Within a short time she allowed us to get to know her a bit.

my poor baby was so very scared!

within minutes she thought John David was funny
she still does:)

I really can't believe God blessed us with such a special little girl
she is one tough little precious cookie!
her second year with her forever family has been much calmer than her first
not one surgery 
after 3 surgeries her first year home

This second year has been full of "formances"
this girl loves to sing and dance for her family
she is oh so funny
 full of life
full of whines:)
and is growing so quickly!

She is finding her place in this big ole family
she is still a Mama's girl (love that)
she is very outgoing but tentative in new situations
she is the life of the party when the whole family is together
she is very happy in school
loves her teachers and friends
will pitch a big ole fit if we cannot go to Kidsplay for lunch with her friends:)
is already talking about swim team this summer
can't wait for that!

I cannot express in words
 my thankfulness
my contentment
my deep awareness of God's faithfulness
to this one special child
the one that God called our family to specifically....
no words for that
only God

its hard to believe this smiley giggly girl can be just as full of whines haha
we would not want her any other way
she is a gift
and a joy to our family!

Happy family day our sweet Janie Jane!
We adore you!!

Your love, O LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.
Psalms 36:5

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