Saturday, March 29, 2014

Life Lately......

Ok, so I have a child getting married
and a needy child in JK
need I say more...

oh yeah and just found out that I am definitely
sigh... I am 51...
 forgot my age along with everything else these days!
appointments, keys, glasses, coffee cup (I lose it at least 4 times each morning)
Guess that is why I don't sleep at night
am "slightly" an emotional wreck..
 did I say I cannot remember anything???
basically functioning like a 2 year old
look who is needy now! haha

Hank says it should be called
my response to him
well you are STUPIDPAUSE..
oh I make myself laugh!!

Anyway, life just keeps trucking along

Madeline had her Animal Play last week and it was adorable!

Madeline was a hippo
goodness she is a cutie!

her hippo head kept sliding down, so cute!

It was such a fun morning for these First graders!

Last night they had a "disco dance" birthday party for a few of the spring birthday kids

Carson, Gabby, Wilson, Molly and sassy Madeline

Just a few pics of how Janie spends her time

don't all girls want" long hair" ???

this is what she looked like as we walked into a restaurant lol

Janie and I went to Baskin Robbins yesterday...
I don't think they will let us in next time..
just sayin
Janie took over my phone haha

I can't even imagine what people around us were thinking...
but I'm menopausal so I'm allowed:)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

It Can't Be Me.....

This week I received the sweetest card from our sitter Lauren. She and her husband have moved back to middle Tennessee for him to complete his residency. How we miss her!!! In her note she thanked us for the difference we made in her life....watching us live out this crazy life with faith and hope in Christ as we raise our children. I was so touched by her note as I do hope our lives will be a testament to God's desires for the orphan...."Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." James 1:27

I also cringe a little.....because I know those deep dark recesses of my soul that only God knows as well as I do. I know how I struggle be the patient parent I should be, but I'm not......I raise my voice way too many times to count.....I get exasperated way too many times to count.....I want some peace am so far from the wife and mother He created and wants me to be.

I remember way back when the big kids were getting a little older and I thought I had learned that whole patience thing.....and for many years I held it together. But do you know why??? Not because I had finally learned how to do it. In church one day it dawned on my why..... my circumstances were just a bit easier, I did not have children clamoring for my my constant attention. I was pretty good in the patience department for a time because my patience was not constantly it is these days. Oh how that sin can creep back into our lives when we think we have it beaten down. How easy it is to believe that it was me who beat that sin. Once the circumstances became ripe for impatience I bit. The sin has always been there.... just dormant for a time.

Since I received that sweet note I have been dwelling on how hard "I work" at being the mom I should be to these I flail through the days by the skin of my teeth without a backward glance at God. Through a simple thank you note God  reawakened me to the entire reason He sent us to China......very simply for His Glory......nothing about me other than He wants me to cling to Him as I raise these children He called me to. I get so caught up in the day to day living that I forget the simplicity of what He has called me to... Him ....period....the end...It can't be me....

Now let's look at some of God's glory:)

she was in the middle of sticking her tongue out at me haha

I am in love with this pic, feels like she was looking into my soul...

can you guess???? yes she is singing Let It Go!

Yep I'm going to be letting it go a bit too:)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy 2nd Family Day Janie!!!!

Two years ago today we walked into the civil affairs building in Changsha China to meet our 6th child. We were excited and very nervous, this being our first experience adopting an "older" child. Our sweet girl was so upset when we arrived, the thought still makes me so sad. Within a short time she allowed us to get to know her a bit.

my poor baby was so very scared!

within minutes she thought John David was funny
she still does:)

I really can't believe God blessed us with such a special little girl
she is one tough little precious cookie!
her second year with her forever family has been much calmer than her first
not one surgery 
after 3 surgeries her first year home

This second year has been full of "formances"
this girl loves to sing and dance for her family
she is oh so funny
 full of life
full of whines:)
and is growing so quickly!

She is finding her place in this big ole family
she is still a Mama's girl (love that)
she is very outgoing but tentative in new situations
she is the life of the party when the whole family is together
she is very happy in school
loves her teachers and friends
will pitch a big ole fit if we cannot go to Kidsplay for lunch with her friends:)
is already talking about swim team this summer
can't wait for that!

I cannot express in words
 my thankfulness
my contentment
my deep awareness of God's faithfulness
to this one special child
the one that God called our family to specifically....
no words for that
only God

its hard to believe this smiley giggly girl can be just as full of whines haha
we would not want her any other way
she is a gift
and a joy to our family!

Happy family day our sweet Janie Jane!
We adore you!!

Your love, O LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies.
Psalms 36:5

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our Little Monkey!

is she cute or what???
The JK classes at our school invited their families to a circus:)
the program was so cute
Janie has been excited about it for days!

when she first got onstage she was a little obsessed with fixing her feet haha

cutest little thing ever fixing those pesky monkey feet!

this is Janie "striking a pose"

she was so so so excited that her cousin Meredith was there and of course JuJu and Chris!

Madeline got to see her program the day earlier for dress rehearsal....
when I picked her up from school she sounded just like a little teenager
"Mom, Janie was so adoooorable in her play, I mean she was adoooorable"
It is the sweetest thing in the world for me to see her loving her sister 
and being excited for her as she experiences new things!