Saturday, February 15, 2014


I am following along on facebook watching my brother and sister in law's progress with Zoe. She is one precious little peanut. I am so proud of Zachary, he is such a good big brother already!

love this!

she is precious is she not???

she is letting Jo leave her for a minute and sitting on John's legs:)

what a precious little girl....those lips!!!!

this is the "baby drop off" building outside the orphanage
if you have read about this, this one is the first one made available in Shenzhen...
the government's hope is that children won't be left abandoned in places they may not be able to survive
not sure how I feel about this
I think it is a better solution than being abandoned on the side of the road 
I can wrap my brain around this but not my heart...
I think I am having trouble deciding what I feel because I wish
that babies would not be abandoned....ever....the end!

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