Sunday, February 16, 2014


I have not done an update on Madeline lately
She has come a long long way since this past summer
she is still hesitant to try new things
and meet new people
but she is
totally loves animals
and bugs
and most things outdoors
wants to be a hunter like Daddy
agreeable like 85% of the time
enjoyable to be around
starting to enjoy reading
does her homework without much complaint
she can still be
 and of course
but so can Mom ha!

We had a gorgeous spring like day today
Madeline let me take a few pictures:)

I love this picture so much!

she looks a little sad here...she wasn't
she kept giving me her "fake" smile so I asked her to just look at me.
Those eyes take you right to her soul.

You know how your kids kinda switch places???
Well Janie Jane is so full of drama right now
she deserves it a bit after the past 2 weeks of testing
so I will say that is why!:)

an agreeable moment
goodness she is so precious!

a not so agreeable moment!
laugh out loud
goodness this little girl can pout like none other!

look at that lower lip!

Julianne to the rescue...
a little race helps everyone
especially if your sister lets  you win!

smiley face is back:)

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