Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's All OK....

with our Janie Jane!

she is still crazy as ever
but no spinal surgery whoo hooo
all tests ended up normal
...after some drama of course. 
You can see from the pic that our girl is full of drama
one day we thought she would need surgery
the next day
I am thrilled that she does not have to go through that again...
she has to see the surgeon in 6 months:)

Now an iphone dump of cray cray girl!

Gardner says if we have to hold her back in school
it does not matter....
she will be a performer anyway lol!

and this sweet pic....
my friend at PRO sent it to me.
This is the earliest picture I have of Li Qing Zhong
what a peanut!
It is weird and sad to open a pic of your child,
the one you adore and feel you know completely
and see a pic of her life
 before she knew us..
her family.
Once again I am amazed by God's grace and mercy 
upon her and us.
She is a joy to raise
drama and all!
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