Friday, January 17, 2014

Wedding and Preschool.....

Most days I don't dwell much on the vast age differences of kids we have in our family
today I dwelt on it....

I was out the door at 7:15 to get Madeline to early reading group
John David and Janie off to school early as well.
Hit an early work out class
home to shower 
off to meet another florist with Julianne
received a call while in the meeting that Janie needed to be picked up
run home to get change of clothes for her
on to the school
get her into car
listen to her yell and whine at me as she hears me call the doctor's office
 she is not happy to go to the doctor
Yep, I'm getting that she is not happy as she continues to cry and whine and kick the seat
I'm reassuring for quite some time...
then I'm kinda done with it 
the whining and all.....

make calls for wedding while Janie is content to eat lunch
make more calls for wedding
send some emails for Julianne as she is rushing to an interview 
for a job she really wants
after said florist was not organized and she was running late and stressed
so.....I'm a little worried for her as well

get Janie back in car
go to doctor
discuss tests and discuss the probability that it is nothing
discuss testing for school and holding back.....again
my mind is whirling
get in car 

talk to Julianne about wedding
interview went great
call Hank about Dr visit and other appointments made
and it is only 3:00

time to get other kiddos
swim practice
pick up gift for shower tomorrow
pick up quote from florist who does not understand how to email it
not using her anyway...ha
more calls on wedding

oh yeah Janie's enema was done somewhere during this time
Julianne got home
went to get John David
picked up pizza he wanted
Julianne goes out
talk to Hank (gets back tomorrow:)
put girls to bed
 I can't even describe the endless needs that are met during bedtime rituals

chillin with a glass of wine while John David watches TV.....8:24

Yeah I'm dwelling on it a bit tonight
this vast difference in ages.....

makes me laugh a bit now that I'm finally able to relax 
I laugh now too that I didn't even list the many other things that went on 

can you believe I even get to be THE Mom to these two???
I may have days like these but they are NOTHING
compared to the joy these girls give me!

Some day soon I will look back
with fond memories of planning such a great wedding
with all things Julianne
see our Janie thriving in whichever grade we have prayerfully placed her in
figured out her health concerns
and know that God was in each and every minute of our days
nudging us along...
  giving us the encouragement that only He can provide
because deep in my soul I know He has marked THIS day
perfectly with His touch
 I choose to dwell on this....

Psalm 118:24
"This is the day the Lord has made,
let us be glad and rejoice in it."
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