Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday Madeline!!!

I know we all say it but I can't believe my baby is 7 years old!!

Goodness she looks so grown up in this picture!
(sure wish I had a better focus!)

Madeline had her birthday party on Sunday afternoon with her friends from school.
She had a gymnastics party...
does not even take gymnastics anymore but wants to again:)

Way too many pics but I just can't help it!
Madeline pretty much designed this cake herself...
Kipp made the princess castle cake for Janie's birthday,
soooo I emailed her and told her Madeline wanted a "snowflake" cake.
I love what she came up with!

all the grown kids watched from the gallery...
and yes Hank is a grown kid!

Madeline insisted upon wearing a ballerina leotard...
it's her birthday!

John David soon became bored in the "gallery" and joined the girls:)

John David was pretty good lol

McKlain and Madeline

Madeline and Maggie
Julianne nanny's for Maggie and her brothers...
we love their family!

Carson, Gabby and Marin

She was directing who got to choose a present for her to open:)

I love the excitement she has!

She decided Janie needed one of her ribbons:)
Janie was just a little jealous during the party:)

Madeline sure has grown this year..
in size and maturity. 
She continues to be a deep thinker
loves deeply too
has a great giggle
oh and when she is happy....
I don't know another as happy as her
but when she is sad......
well, she feels that deeply too
we adore this child so
on this day
every single year
I think of a woman across the world
who gave this precious girl of mine her life
I cannot imagine her thoughts on this day
I pray she knows in her soul 
that her child and mine
is blessed and loved so....

Happy birthday my precious girl!

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