Monday, January 6, 2014

Guess Who Got Her Ears Pierced???

MADELINE.....this is the same child that had to be held down to get her flu shot this year....the same child that cries and falls apart when she has a little scrape. She started talking about getting her ears pierced a few weeks ago but I did not think she would really do it. I described what has to be done, that you have to clean them multiple times a day ect. She never stopped asking so we went for it:)

She watched a girl get hers done and did not bat an eye!

Janie is giving Madeline her little pony to hold while she gets pierced:)
By the way Janie was NOT interested in having her own ears pierced, I'm thinking this head strong girl will be a leader not a follower:)

                             oh sweet girl!!!

love this pic and how I wish I could keep my phone steady....geesh!

Madeline begged to go to Daddy's clinic to show him:). She was so very precious!!!!!

She has remembered to clean her ears 3 times a day, I am so proud of my little cutie!!