Friday, December 6, 2013

I Phone Dump...

We've been up to the usual... Busy like everyone else out there!
Janie's expression cracks me up......we were at Kid's Play like we are
EVERY Wednesday afternoon. She wanted to see what her mouth looked
like with blue sugar on it:)

                      Sneak peek at Julianne's wedding dress!!!!!

       Meet Chaco!!! She is the newest member of the Wells family....
         our family is almost as excited as they are. She is so precious!!

          Adams (Madams) came over for a play date the other day...
                he is the sweetest child, love him!!

    school was cancelled at 3:00 yesterday because "this" was in the forecast....
          roads are pretty clear of course!

                            It is so pretty!

   I leave you with yours truly, always in motion, always dressed 
   in the funk.....look at those non-matching boots will you!!!