Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I was sitting at my office computer downloading my new lightroom....thinking how I don't use this computer as  much as I used to.....glanced at the date......New Years Eve.....and immediately thought of a very important New Years Eve 3 years ago. I was sitting at the same computer and had been haunted by a picture for weeks......

those eyes would not let me go...
I woke up at night worried for her....
those sweet little lips, those searching eyes....
at that time we had been sponsoring "Lili" for a few months,
prayed for her....
while God set His plan in motion

On New Years Eve three years ago 
I sent Diana (now my dear friend) and email asking...
"what are the chances that we could get her?"

The rest is history.....
but this year 2013
God gave me even more insight into this precious child of mine
insight I will never forget and will always be thankful to have been given...
a trip of a lifetime into her beginning
just one of the many gifts God has given to me during this year.

so many emotions as this precious woman looked at pictures of our happy sassy Janie with her forever family

my goodness, I cannot believe I truly got to meet this sweet lady
to be able to tell her how much I appreciate all she gave my Janie
I am so thankful God moved my heart to our girl
and then opened so many doors to take me to her foster mother.
What a blessing!

then these sweet friends of mine....
we don't get to see each other much
we get to talk some days
with kids yelling in the background...
usually mine:)
they are such a gift,
I believe God has blessed each one of us in this call to adoption
with friends who understand
that deep desire to follow Him across the world 
to a child we don't know
but KNOW with all of our being that she is ours....

Just one of the many things I am thankful for in 2013!

Now just for a laugh...
cause you know I always need one
my tatted little sassy girl who refused to smile for her Daddy lol!
I think this is my favorite low quality(ha) pic of the year!

then there is this one...
I just love this one!
She is watching Madeline get her face painted:)

Monday, December 30, 2013

And The Rest Of Christmas.....

ok just sayin, way too many pics:)
Twas the Night Before Christmas
scripture of Christ's birth

think they are ready to come downstairs?????:)

Janie was in My Little Pony heaven

headphones for John David

an American Girl doll for Madeline

Julianne and Kendyl helping the girls:)

Gardner was the Go Pro hero

Janie wrote letters for each of us and put them in our stockings:)

Opening a Karaoke machine from the rest of the kids...
it was a huge hit!! lol

an engagement ornament for their first tree..
I can't believe they are really getting married!!!! 

It was a great Christmas!!

Friday, December 27, 2013

The Rest of Christmas Eve...

We had our annual Christmas Eve dinner with the Wells after we attended our Christmas Eve church service. ALL the children were so well behaved which is a first with this clan:)

I'm not sure what Janie was explaining to the boys???

They are getting so big!!

the little kid table:)

of course we had to have a show!

Madeline is always the director:), she likes to work behind the scenes!

Of course I did not get one picture of John David and Caden!!!:(

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Annual Christmas PJ's.....

This years PJ's were chosen for Madeline. If you remember last year she refused to wear her Angry Birds pj's because they were not pink enough......she revolted. Well this year she was a happy camper, big kids?????? Well, they joined in on the fun......Allie not so much lol, here is her text message to all of us:)

I have to give it to Kendyl...
she sure does roll with all the silliness of our family haha!

happy girl!

the models

always the clown!


I think Gardner was growling like a cheetah
and Kendyl........hahahah!

oh and then the cheesiness took over!

Allie and Eric are such troopers
sending us a pic from Phoenix!

I know way too many pics but so much fun none the less!
This was the first year I did not buy pj's for myself and Hank...
we would not be caught dead in those:)

We sure are missing Allie and Eric this year!
It is all part of kids growing up, I know
exactly how God intends it to be.
Thankfully I am a brat right now and they all live in town!

Merry Merry Christmas!!!!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Did You Know???

When a certain 5 year old (not sayin who)
disobeys and grabs Mom's purse off the bathroom stall door...
the purse dumps on the floor
and the iphone dumps in the toilet..
true story
did you know....
that the technician at the Apple store 
wear sanitary gloves the entire time he helps you get a new phone....
No, I'm not embarrassed
or frustrated in the least!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas This and That!

First up was Madeline's Christmas program
I am amazed she can get up in front of an audience....
in prek she was terrified....
now she can perform with the best of them:)

love this one!

Gabby, Marin and Madeline

Wyldlife had a wacky Christmas sweater party!!

Allie and Eric took the kids to our Christmas parade while we were at Mississippi State,
yeah, they deserve a medal....
Gardner and Kendyl deserve a larger one for having them all night and morning:)
the littles are always so excited when the bigs keep them!

John David was FREEZING!

this looks like a Kroger ad:)

I think we are about ready for Christmas...
gifts wrapped,
school parties attended,
kids out of school!!