Wednesday, November 27, 2013

OK...So I'm Challenged....

Let's start off with this morning as an example of how challenged I can be......

I woke up congested which is the story of my life this time of year, just finished an antibiotic last week so it was time for it to start again:)

Anyway in my dazed and confused stupor of getting up (that is the norm I decide to take some liquid decongestant. I pour it into the measuring cup and as I drink it the thought goes through my slow brain "this smells a little funny"....of course I swallow it as I'm thinking "this does not taste like it usually does..." Hmmmmm?? I look at the container that is the same color as the container the medicine is in and it is hydrogen peroxide. I text Hank to see if I will live, thinking that he gives this to dogs to make them throw up when they eat what they are not supposed to, surely he will just tell me not to worry about it.

 I still have not heard back from him. He probably just shook his head and threw his phone across the room and thought "you've got to be kidding me!!!! and you take care of my children daily????........hmmmm at least I'm not doing THAT daily....taking care of the children that is....I won't call her....I'll let her have a break and rest in the hospital the rest of the day"  Oh I'm kidding, he is probably deer hunting and not checking his phone lol.....

Now on to another area I am SO challenged at. My iphone picture taking capabilities. My hope is that my phone setting is all messed up but I think it is just me. 

Last week Janie had a "parent watch" at her dance class. We are new to this class so I thought that we would merely be observing the class. Nope... I only had my iphone with me, went to the class room and followed the kids to the chapel for their "performance". I did not even tell Hank about it. I'm starting to feel bad that Janie only has me there watching as all the other kids had moms, dads, grandparents, cousins, neighbors oh and they all have flowers with them.....ok I'm exaggerating but I'm feeling a little under prepared seeing as I only have my iphone and no flowers. You will see for yourself how challenged I am in this my defense the lighting in the chapel is horrible and I cringe even when I take pics with my camera....

                                                           sigh.......but she sure looks cute!

                                                and that girl can get some height in that jump

                                                        she just sat down at one point because she was tired:)

                the teacher brought them each a flower, thankfully!!!!!

           Goodness, she is cute even though she is a little fuzzy!

OK, now on to why I'm not thinking clearly!! This is what is going on daily as we go about our regular schedules...

                     Love my expression.......I need help in many areas!
               and Allie's expression...haha.....yep she comes by it honestly!

                                          Just a few of the wedding dresses Julianne has tried on!

                                   Asking Sara to be her maid of honor!!!

                          This wedding stuff is so fun!!!! The invite list is done and the venue picked so we can start having all the fun now!!!

                                        A few random pics from the week!

            Janie came home form school like this the other day. Classy I know!

                                     Fun in target shopping for cousins. John David wants to keep all 
                                        of Zachary's birthday and Christmas gifts!

I just got a text back from Hank

Ok so maybe all those thoughts did not go through his head....
I'm thinking he had to think I'm an idiot though:)