Monday, November 11, 2013

Oh What A Night!!!!! Julianne and Chris Are ENGAGED!

before they left to celebrate their dating anniversary.....
Julianne had her suspicions earlier in the week but apparently we are all good liars...
she was very surprised!

We set the scene while they were gone...
Chris knew exactly what he wanted so we made it happen..
it takes a village ya'll

most of us were looking through the upstairs windows....
so special!

no words...

takes my breath away it is so sweet!!

my absolute favorite picture!!!

While all that was going on outside....
we waited!

then the surprised couple arrived:)


these two sure love each other!

my baby girl...
I am so very happy for her!

I LOVE this of Hank!

sisters....again love this so much!

holding on to her security
while taking in all the chaos and joy going on around her..
oh how I adore this girl!

Chris's Dad toasting the happy couple
Pat is responsible for many of the pics!

Now to take a little break in the happiness
just a peek of the craziness that is always in play with this fam!

It is Welch's sparkling juice for the kids!

this is exactly the kind of thing that goes on around my little oblivious self!!!!

Chris and his precious sister Anna!

These girls love each other so much!

Gracie and Julianne lived together all through college, special friends

another toast

THE ring...
this ring has special meaning for Julianne and Chris,
they used the diamond from my wedding ring Jeff gave me.
again no words are adequate

oh Janie:)
her hair looked so cute earlier in the evening.....

the siblings minus a few and again.... OH JANIE!

THE crew
and again JANIE really!!!
Sorry Eric we cut you out apparently

Missy was Julianne's jr and sr high youth leader....
these 2 are so close:)

Missy gave Julianne her first gift:)

What a wonderful night it was!
We are so blessed to be receiving Chris into our family.
My heart is full of gratitude for God's provision for my original baby girl!!!