Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy 6th Family Day Madeline!!!

On this day 6 years ago Hank, Julianne, John David and I walked into a crowded government building to meet this child we waited 2 years for......

the first picture I ever saw of her...
those eyes....those tiny fists!

     My memories of this day are still very vivid, the sounds, smells.....fear, enormous excitement and thankfulness! Now that I know her so well, my heart breaks even more for what she must have felt that day....this child who thinks so deeply and studies everything around her.

Our Madeline has come a long way and continues to try to find her place in this world....
She has a heart like no other.
I CANNOT imagine our lives without her.

Each one of us in this big ole family of ours is better because of her!
She has taught us how to love not only in the beautiful places in our lives but also in the hard places where only the deep fulfillment of Christ is present....

She has taught us how to love big and to love well!
I love this child something fierce!

We celebrated a few days early since Daddy has to be out of town today.
She chose to go out to eat Mexican and come home for her cake...

before we left for dinner Madeline lost her 2nd front tooth:)

After cake Madeline wanted to play headbands....
we sure missed Allie and Eric, they were out of town!!

this pic makes me laugh out loud!!
Oh Gardner you pose well!!

Janie getting ready for headbands.....
when you play headbands with Gardner you never know who or what you will be!!

 "Rudolph the red nosed reindeer"

"Phil Collins"

"Princess Luna"

"the decorative plates in the dining room"
Now that is a normal Gardner picture:)

Now THIS one is the winner, not that Kendyl could actually guess that one without many hints!!!
"third door on the left"
ONLY GARDNER could come up with that one!!!
Never a dull moment in this fam!!

Obviously Julianne was taking pictures so we are missing who she was....
Madams is Janie's best buddy in her class, his name is actually Adams!
She now pronounces his name correctly but our family still refers to him as "Madams":)
I will have to get a pic of the two of them together, they are so precious and just love each other!

It was a great family night celebrating with Madeline! 

Happy Family Day Sweet Madeline!!!
We love you so!