Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013!!

We had another great Halloween. Most of all we are thankful that Janie's 2nd Halloween was less eventful.....we returned from her surgery in Cincinnati the day before Halloween last year and she was one tired little girl. This year she was a crazy girl running from house to house trying to keep up with the older kids:)........needless to say she had a great time!!

I took the girls to a Halloween party and they had a wonderful time!!

Love this!
She always has something on her face!!

Hank and Madeline have a "thing" going on lately.....she loves her Daddy!

Power tools were used again this year!!

Janie had a ball at her Halloween party at school:)

Let the games begin.....
notice she has stuff on her mouth again!

Carson totally cracks me up!!!!!

Oh Carson haha!

John David's group is starting to dwindle:(

They are still cool though!

or maybe not :)

Janie was not scared of ANYTHING!!!!
She even walked right up to kid laying in a coffin!

Julianne at her finest.....
riding with Hanky
and sporting my OLD sweat shirt!!
And yes sadly I was serious when I bought it when Ju was in elementary school!

the crazy glowing girls....

horrible quality but Janie was determined to use her glow bracelets as a handle...
it was not working out well for her...
thankfully she lost interest since she was trying to keep up with the others!

How did I end up with not one pic of Gardner and Kendyl or the Wells twins?????
Someone always gets used to being left out in this crew!!!