Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Wright Family Pumpkin Harvest......Along With Some ATTITUDE!

Hank harvested his first pumpkin crop on Saturday along with some of which was not too happy. Oh this child will get so much grief from the family when she is older!!

Janie was cracking us up....
she refused to smile!

The tats on her arms make it even funnier!!

She looks like she may take someone DOWN!

This was the closest she got to a smile lol
In my defense, Julianne put those lovely tats on her arms...
which of course Janie will not let me remove!

Jen and Di oh how we talked about how sad and quiet this child was...
joke is so on me....
I think I can hear God giggling at me bit seeing as I do deserve her:) 

At least these 2 had fun!

Sunday night Janie lost her first tooth!

She was so excited and proud to be so big:)