Friday, October 4, 2013

The Rest of San Francisco and Napa!

Life is back to normal over here, busy just like everyone else!
Our trip was my favorite ever and we are planning on going back next year!
My pictures are totally out of order but I'm too lazy to redo them from my phone ha!

Ok so we swam with the sharks and looks like we ran with mountain lions... the sign made me laugh, luckily I did not read it until I finished. It basically says to make a lot of noise so as not to surprise the lions and to keep your children close since mountain lions gravitate to children!! GEEZ!

At our last winery stop in Napa, Silver Oak.

The trail I ran/walked (those hills!!) was called Mary Lake Trail. Why was I surprised when it took me to a lake??? This pic does not do it justice!

We drove a Prius while we were there. Hank made so much fun of it in the beginning and then became very attached to it by the end. Seriously we spent $14 on gas the entire trip! Seriously where else but California do you have 2 designated parking spaces right in front for hybid cars!

Our first winery stop in Napa, Artesa.....the views were just gorgeous!

The view from the Prius on the Bay bridge :), so funny!!

back at home the girls had Tough Enough at school on Friday evening!

Precious girls!!!!

 San Fran on Lombard Street, we were quite obnoxious trying to take selfies!

Our favorite meal at Mama's!!

                                 the aftermath.....

             Alcatraz from the Golden Gate bridge.....looking back at this picture, I can't believe we really did it!!

Our GPS took us over the Bay Bridge on our way to Napa so we made sure we went back into town via the Golden Gate Bridge. It truly is one of my favorite sights. I think the coolest part of the swim was being able to see the bridge every time I took a breath.

Well, it is back to reality for this family:), Mom is home so everyone has to get back in the routine! The kids did well with just a few Madeline issues, it could have been more worrisome and I'm so thankful that everyone did so great! John David is planning on swimming with us next year so next summer will be filled with many lake swims to get him ready, makes me excited just to type it:).......oh and Mom just act like you don't know ok????:)