Thursday, October 24, 2013

One Year Ago....

One year ago Janie and I were in Cincinnati.....she had a redo of her China surgery for imperforate anus.....and was not able to eat for 7 long days....WHAT A TROOPER SHE WAS!!!!! Looking back, I can't believe what she has gone through and how far she has come. Now I will be honest, she IS a MESS!!! BUT she is so very precious and oh so loved!!! I can sit back and see how God has had his hand in her life, with a big ole smile on his face is my guess:) She is one special girl with God's hands right there in the thick of it.

Last night as I lay down with her and talked about what we were doing a year ago, she amazed me with what she remembered........the little boy in the room next to us without a mom or a Dad staying with him, the tubes attached to her, the bag she came home with, the playroom she played much remembered by a small child. She turned away from me and said " I don't like China" and I asked why....she said " I didn't have you".....sigh.....all of this life is so much bigger than we are.......spoken by a 5 year old...
in Cincy on a wagon ride trying to pass the time
gorgeous iphone pic:(
last summer getting a ribbon at a swim meet....
not in diapers I might add:)