Saturday, October 19, 2013

An Average Day in Iphone Pics....

         Janie was adamant the other morning that she had to have 2 braids like Madeline:). To braid her hair I have to wet it just to be able to keep it between my fingers. She was so very proud of those braids! As we were walking out the door for school she said " I look just like Rapunzel".  I kept myself from laughing out loud and said " You are a gorgeous Rapunzel". Her smile could light a room!
She made me take this picture while we were out shopping after lunch so she could see how pretty her braids look:)

     We picked Madeline up from school and she jumps in the car, looks back at Janie and says "No offense Janie but you look like a Native American". Laugh.Out.Loud!!!

Hank sent me this picture when I was out running errands today. This may not mean much to most people but it does to us!!! You see the" brown chair" is claimed by Madeline and she can be quite defiant if anyone, and I mean anyone, sits in it. She has come such a long way, she is acting like a big girl most days and is becoming such a good big sister to little bit. Any and all change is hard on my Madeline....she feels deeply and thinks even more deeply.......she thinks like a 15 year old but her heart can't handle 15 year old thoughts. Day by day she is starting to figure out her place in our family and the world. I love this child something fierce and am so very proud of her.

Now back to the picture......yes Janie is sporting "day old" braids. She asked if she could sleep with her hair still in braids and when I said 'sure" she immediately said "thank you Mommy for letting me sleep with my beautiful braids". Girlfriend cracks me up and is so very precious!!!