Monday, October 28, 2013

Meet Our Newest Family Member!!

Allie calls her Lady Fluffington....
but Madeline screams FLUFFY at the TOP of her lungs.every.single.time.
so Fluffy she is!

Madeline has been asking for a pet of her own for quite some time,
unfortunately for her, this Mom said "yes" to every animal under the sun...
(EXCEPT for a snake and iguana)
to her oldest sister Allie...
one of the drawbacks of being child number 5 as opposed to child number 1:)

I surprised her on Sunday...
Daddy was in a race
John David wanted to sleep in
so the girls and I hopped in the car and drove and hour and a half to pick her up
 the girls only knew I had a surprise for them:)
Madeline was so very happy when she saw a cage of bunnies!

John David has actually been asking for more rabbits for a year.
We had 2 rabbits a few years back and they had the unfortunate meeting with a fox:(

He said it was ok that Fluffy belongs to Madeline....
seeing as he will probably end up playing with her more anyway...
very likely that is true:)

John David and I could not decide what you call this...
seeing as a "photo bomber" is behind the subject....
what do you call one in front???

Oh poor Fluffy....
she took it all in stride...
she even willingly came to Madeline this afternoon:)

I have to admit I love having another bunny!
They are so sweet and great pets if you handle them a lot....
thinking this sweetie will be handled many many many times:)

pic is not even in focus but I love the sweet look on her face!

Friday, October 25, 2013

An Afternoon With My Janie Jane!!

So I finally got my camera out!!!....... and Janie was a willing participant whoo hooo!!! We had such a nice afternoon just the 2 of us. She has matured so much in the past year, she is thriving in her new school and classroom. We so love our Janie Jane and are very thankful for her. When I think about her I immediately smile......or roll my eyes!

Just a "few" pics from out little photo shoot:)

faking being asleep so we could stop....
she is hilarious...
and gorgeous...
and a mess....
and so very special!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

One Year Ago....

One year ago Janie and I were in Cincinnati.....she had a redo of her China surgery for imperforate anus.....and was not able to eat for 7 long days....WHAT A TROOPER SHE WAS!!!!! Looking back, I can't believe what she has gone through and how far she has come. Now I will be honest, she IS a MESS!!! BUT she is so very precious and oh so loved!!! I can sit back and see how God has had his hand in her life, with a big ole smile on his face is my guess:) She is one special girl with God's hands right there in the thick of it.

Last night as I lay down with her and talked about what we were doing a year ago, she amazed me with what she remembered........the little boy in the room next to us without a mom or a Dad staying with him, the tubes attached to her, the bag she came home with, the playroom she played much remembered by a small child. She turned away from me and said " I don't like China" and I asked why....she said " I didn't have you".....sigh.....all of this life is so much bigger than we are.......spoken by a 5 year old...
in Cincy on a wagon ride trying to pass the time
gorgeous iphone pic:(
last summer getting a ribbon at a swim meet....
not in diapers I might add:)

Saturday, October 19, 2013

An Average Day in Iphone Pics....

         Janie was adamant the other morning that she had to have 2 braids like Madeline:). To braid her hair I have to wet it just to be able to keep it between my fingers. She was so very proud of those braids! As we were walking out the door for school she said " I look just like Rapunzel".  I kept myself from laughing out loud and said " You are a gorgeous Rapunzel". Her smile could light a room!
She made me take this picture while we were out shopping after lunch so she could see how pretty her braids look:)

     We picked Madeline up from school and she jumps in the car, looks back at Janie and says "No offense Janie but you look like a Native American". Laugh.Out.Loud!!!

Hank sent me this picture when I was out running errands today. This may not mean much to most people but it does to us!!! You see the" brown chair" is claimed by Madeline and she can be quite defiant if anyone, and I mean anyone, sits in it. She has come such a long way, she is acting like a big girl most days and is becoming such a good big sister to little bit. Any and all change is hard on my Madeline....she feels deeply and thinks even more deeply.......she thinks like a 15 year old but her heart can't handle 15 year old thoughts. Day by day she is starting to figure out her place in our family and the world. I love this child something fierce and am so very proud of her.

Now back to the picture......yes Janie is sporting "day old" braids. She asked if she could sleep with her hair still in braids and when I said 'sure" she immediately said "thank you Mommy for letting me sleep with my beautiful braids". Girlfriend cracks me up and is so very precious!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Just a Normal Night With the Crazies.....

                                                Those are some fancy galloping skills!

2 words

Oh wait 3 words

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Wright Family Pumpkin Harvest......Along With Some ATTITUDE!

Hank harvested his first pumpkin crop on Saturday along with some of which was not too happy. Oh this child will get so much grief from the family when she is older!!

Janie was cracking us up....
she refused to smile!

The tats on her arms make it even funnier!!

She looks like she may take someone DOWN!

This was the closest she got to a smile lol
In my defense, Julianne put those lovely tats on her arms...
which of course Janie will not let me remove!

Jen and Di oh how we talked about how sad and quiet this child was...
joke is so on me....
I think I can hear God giggling at me bit seeing as I do deserve her:) 

At least these 2 had fun!

Sunday night Janie lost her first tooth!

She was so excited and proud to be so big:)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Day Downtown

We headed downtown yesterday morning to do the Memphis touristy things......see the ducks at the Peabody, trolley, Arcade restaurant, and lastly Mud Island.
                         Waiting for the ducks to come down the elevator....

         Oh my goodness this makes me laugh out loud, we are such goobers and look behind us!

                           Two of the famous ducks with eyes aglow, glowing eyes seemed to be
                            frequent in the Peabody lobby!

                             Seriously glowing eyes......tried as I may I could not fix them!

                               this just makes me laugh all the more, so obvious I did not bring my camera                                   with me, could we glow some more maybe?????

                                On the rooftop of the Peabody....Janie was not cooperating with pics...
                                                looks like she wants to jump!
                                And sweet Trotter held his own with a bunch of girls!!

                                                             trolley ride

                Janie clutching her french fries that she refused to leave at the restaurant


                                McKlain looks like a toddler:)

   walking in the Mississippi River, Mud Island really is cool!

We had a great day with great friends!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall Break!!

We have already spent most of our time outside...the weather has been gorgeous!!

This totally cracks me up!!! Madeline in her Matilda Jane finest holding a snake!!

Janie and Adams (her new best buddy in school) found deer tracks while waiting on their sisters to finish soccer practice. Janie had to send her Daddy a picture:)

I've become the little homemaker since Courtney gave me sour dough bread starter....that is as long as I remember to feed it! I tried cinnamon rolls this week and they were so good!!

Seriously,  much damage can be done with these things!!!

an afternoon at the park....

~this child is crazy!~ one shoe on and the other on off!

 that goose is no match for these girls!!

she cracks me up....she had to have a picture of her hair that she brushed on her own...I know CLASSY!!!

We are missing John David!!!! He is visiting his buddy JP in New York, we miss JP too!!!