Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Now Some Happy!

School started......yes, first time for me in a few years to have all kiddos in school again. As I drove off today it was reminiscent of taking all three of the bigs to preschool the first empty car......just me......I think I had been alone for about 10 minutes before I realized I did not even have the radio on.....and I LOVE listening to music, music snob and all that I am. I think I needed the quite, just to absorb it into my soul. All the kids are happy so that makes this Mom happy!

first day of 6th grade, seriously!!
Gardner was just doing that last year right???

I LOVE when Madeline loves big...
she grabbed him to hug him and he looked and me and gave me that sweet smile....

this child I love big!!

sitting with his class at convocation,
a new beginning
I'm so thankful for his school....
and thankful for his Daddy who works so hard for him to go there...!!!
first day of 1st grade!!

What a mess this one is!!!!
she was trying to stand on her tip toes to be "big"
first day of Junior Kindergarten
Lori, recognize the dress??? Her fave!!

oh my goodness, I love this one.....
Janie refused to take a picture on Monday so she got her "first day" today instead:)

                                              Now onto  an Iphone dump!!!
little farmers helping Daddy

my goodness she is too cute. this was the day we got her awesome news on her bladder/kidney function!

3rd lost tooth!!
the tooth fairy forgot or was too busy or was out of the country the first night!
she delivered well the next night!

this is what happens when your children play "library" with the books your decorator helped you place perfectly..... thankfully I'm not as into perfect as I was in my past life.....
plus I had taken a picture.....which helps A LOT

going to Ms Jana for haircuts:)

there was a day that Madeline refused to let anyone cut her hair until she met Ms Jana....
loving the teenager "look at the hand"!

dinner with friends for Courtney's bday!
Happy 39th Courtney!!

           Now onto more serious all may have been a little worried about me after the last post, but this is far more serious. You see my husband is a farmer.....he just plays a veterinarian in real life. He loves his farming....the planting.....planning.....just digging and using equipment. When he "retires" he will be a full time farmer is my guess......seeing as he will never be able to retire with all these kids (hey just a side note, did you know that the bible never uses the word retirement???) Anyway, he had just put up about 370 ears of corn in the freezer last Monday...
         Well, Saturday morning I went out to the freezer to get some waffles....and it was hot...and stunk. My heart sank, and I don't even like or eat his corn. I knew it would make Hank so sad:(
He has handled his loss well.....haha......a little grieving......I may have seen a few tears......I was even sad when I bought frozen corn for the first time in 6 years, seriously, 6 years since I have even bought it!! When I drove into the driveway I saw this:
its dead to me....
looks pretty old and gross too I may add!
There's always next years corn crop to look forward to!