Sunday, August 25, 2013

Everyday Life

                                          Sara and Dottie got to meet up with Julianne in Chicago on their trip back Tennessee.

      Janie has refused to help buckle herself into her car day I said "we are going to have a party when you start helping buckle yourself".....well she buckled herself one day and declared that she was going to "have a Mellow Mushroom party":). Of course we obliged on Friday evening!

After Mellow I headed downtown with Gardner and Kendyl to attend the RAW art exhibit that Allie was asked to participate in. She sold many of her prints! It was really a cool exhibit, we are so proud of all her hard work.....and it is really hard to believe this talented adult is my child!

                                               and she still writes important info on her hand!

                                        there was also live art:)

while we were at the exhibit Hank to John David and the girls frogging!
This totally cracks me up, dressed in their Matilda Jane and frogging haha!

I forgot to add these pics last week....Janie discovered that she and Chris have the same shoes,
this girl can pose!

                                               too funny!!

And I cannot believe I have not posted a pic of my sweet niece Zoe waiting for her Mommy and Daddy in China!! They just received USCIS approval and should get that dossier to China in the next few weeks so they can officially be waiting on their LOA. We are hoping they get to travel to get her in February or March!!!