Monday, July 22, 2013

Chicago (day 3)

              the girls are still into smashing spoons onto their noses hmmmm?

          still acting like rednecks in a nice just can't be stopped!

                                                           LOVE THIS:)

                    After shopping a bit, Gardner and Kendyl took John David to the Science Museum so he could have some peace from the girls! Thank you Gardner and Kendyl. Julianne went with the rest of us to Navy Pier for the girls to get rid of some of that energy!

                                                     view from the ferris wheel

                                                    these girls are into selfies:)

                    we were cracking up that she never dropped that hamburger!!

After a day of shopping and goofing off we headed over to see Julianne's studio apartment. We grabbed an early dinner before Gardner, Kendyl, Julianne and I headed to Second City. It was so funny. I really enjoy being able to hang with the big kids, a nice break:) Thankfully Hank was game to get the girls to bed early. When we got back we grabbed John David and went to see the canal at night. I have to say this was a great trip but we sure missed having Allie and Eric with us, they would have LOVED Second City!

We had a great trip, I love Chicago. Julianne has 2 months to go in Chicago so it was a great time to visit her at the halfway point. She really loves her internship and is enjoying her time there. I really can't believe the baby of the bigs is about done with college. Am I really that old??? Guess so!~