Monday, July 29, 2013

What We Came Home To....

the bag was next to this part of the arbor

the garage door melted, all my furniture from downstairs was inside that door. the heat took the varnish off one of my chests...

the blinker on the bottom melted...

We got a call on Saturday while in Chicago that there was a fire in our driveway...WHAT
??? God intervened......I had ordered another invisible fence "hot spot" for our house to keep the dogs off the counters....the owner of the company had dropped it off at our house on Friday....he was back in the neighborhood on Saturday and came by to see if we were home to show us how to us it.....hmmmmm???.....coincidence???? I don't think so. We are very thankful that our house is not gone, Julianne's car is not blown up ect.

The floor workers had put a big plastic black bag full of rags, wood shavings, stain ect and it combusted......I know how life can change in a second and am very thankful we just have some repairs to make instead!!

I'm trying to catch up on all things around the house, like getting furniture back in, hanging pics ect but it is a slow process while summer continues. We just finished swim this past weekend with John David got 6th place as high scorer in his last meet of the season. Whooo hoooo John David!!

Now for some pics from my camera from Chicago that I finally downloaded!! Get ready...way too many!!

I don't remember what they were laughing at, so cute!

Janie says "when I get bigger will I have big hair like Madeline?" haha, she had to have braids like her sister:)

Gardner is such a great big brother!

makes me smile!

at The Bean...

Millennium Park 

The Children's Museum...
even John David liked a few things:)

where is Janie????

I don't remember what Janie was reacting to at the American Girl Doll store, but cracks me up!

I know what she was doing here!! She was singing some made up song...hotdog as her microphone!

Ready for another vacation already....
but I'm more ready for Julianne to get home:)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Chicago (day 3)

              the girls are still into smashing spoons onto their noses hmmmm?

          still acting like rednecks in a nice just can't be stopped!

                                                           LOVE THIS:)

                    After shopping a bit, Gardner and Kendyl took John David to the Science Museum so he could have some peace from the girls! Thank you Gardner and Kendyl. Julianne went with the rest of us to Navy Pier for the girls to get rid of some of that energy!

                                                     view from the ferris wheel

                                                    these girls are into selfies:)

                    we were cracking up that she never dropped that hamburger!!

After a day of shopping and goofing off we headed over to see Julianne's studio apartment. We grabbed an early dinner before Gardner, Kendyl, Julianne and I headed to Second City. It was so funny. I really enjoy being able to hang with the big kids, a nice break:) Thankfully Hank was game to get the girls to bed early. When we got back we grabbed John David and went to see the canal at night. I have to say this was a great trip but we sure missed having Allie and Eric with us, they would have LOVED Second City!

We had a great trip, I love Chicago. Julianne has 2 months to go in Chicago so it was a great time to visit her at the halfway point. She really loves her internship and is enjoying her time there. I really can't believe the baby of the bigs is about done with college. Am I really that old??? Guess so!~ 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chicago (day2)

                        ONE great smile of Madeline!!!

I did not take as many pictures yesterday but we had a great time. The morning was spent at the American Girl store and then we headed to my high school friend Terri's house for the afternoon, went to the beach and enjoyed catching up.

                                          Madeline would NOT cooperate for pics but had a wonderful time!!

                                                       Bow Power!!!

                         John David won't admit it but the food was pretty cool!

Hank had to keep trying to be serious but kept laughing!

                                         This is Janie's "patient face"! We told her she was going to have to be patient and stop asking "when are we there yet?" She said "Hey Juju, this is my patient face", she cracks us up!!

  John David and the girls had a great time at the beach, I forgot my phone back at the house so I missed taking some pics. We love the beach here and are thinking about taking our vacation next year at the lake instead of the ocean!

I took a pic of this pic so horrible quality and glare but had to share. We all go way way back to elementary and middle school! Terri is 3rd from the right and thankfully I'm about glared out!
Terri lives in an awesome neighborhood in Wilmette just blocks from Lake Michigan.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Chicago (day1)

I can't believe I can post from my phone, and just think I did not even have texting some years ago!!
                                 Janie at The Bean

                                                     behaving ourselves at Cheesecake Factory

                                                              View from the roof

                                           I so love these dresses!!! Thank you Lori!!

                                               cool pic!

                           Millennium water park 

                                the smart ones at the Children's Museum
                                           it was awesome by the way!

                  Kendyl was the chosen one to carry the
                                Disney bags.....

                                      the boys hangin waiting on our table at Giordano's Pizza
                                                           "best pizza ever" said John David:)