Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Gardner!!

Gardner is 24 today, wow!! As John David used to say "is your surious??" Allie was born when I was 24 yet I still think of my big kids I know they are not. Specifically they are much cheaper than the little ones now:).  We are going to eat at The Majestic for his bday dinner.....I'm looking forward to seeing all my kiddos, oh yeah Julianne is not here wahhhhhhhhh. We will get to see her next month on our trip to Chicago:)

In honor of Gardner' birthday I'll attach a video of Janie dancing for him today. She is too funny and I'm quite sure Gardner taught her how to play the air guitar haha!

girlfriend is too funny!!

Ok just a few more random iphone pics for laughs of course

when I was in Chicago Allie and Eric came over to swim with the kids,
a storm came through and this is what Janie put on for her "storm outfit"

Hank sent me a pic of only 3 jars of pb and said I needed to take "drastic measures" since they were not all full. He is ok for now......

Madeline wanted to swim while Janie and I went to a recital. She was very upset that she would have to wait until Daddy cut the grass......the problem was solved:)
and yes she has dress up heels on along with her goggles and silky!

Madeline finally made it on the table at the dentist with her Mommy instead of Daddy:)