Saturday, June 29, 2013

Still a Few Crazies......

Yep, still a few crazies among us. I was looking through my iphone pics of the week and had to laugh. I truly think of our family as "normal" but normal we are not which is apparent in random pics on my phone!

Janie got "dressed" while Gardner was babysitting the other day and this is what she came up with... Gardner was trying to have a conversation with her and made her take of the glasses so he could at least talk without laughing:)

crazy hat day at VBS

Janie playing with her new friend Hadleigh waiting on her race at a meet...
it started lightening shortly after this picture and the meet was delayed for 20 minutes..
Janie wanted to stay seated and wait until it started again so I went to get some food.
The meet was then cancelled so Hank went to get her, she had her crooked mouth look and Hank asked her if she was scared since it was very windy......
her response, "no, I want to swim" :)

ready for crazy hair day

Madeline had to take this picture for Daddy because he loves Jeeps, not this particular kind but of course he did not tell her that!
We have been playing "Bingo", whoever spots a yellow car gets a point...
Janie yells "Mango" every time!
We all think it is so funny since she loves yellow mangoes...
we figure she thinks we are all kinda dumb calling those cars "bingo"s,
what is a bingo anyway?????

play date with Carson,
I love how Janie is a blur since she is ALWAYS in constant motion!!:)

No telling what next week will bring!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Another Fish In Our Family....

Janie participated in her first swim meet last night. Her coach told her the day before that she was ready and ready she was!! We had our first meet a few weeks ago and only John David was competing. When Janie saw that the little ones were getting ribbons she turned to me and said "hey, I want to do that too, I told you that". She has asked her coach every practice if " I can do a meet yet?" She was so excited before we left for the meet.....

Oh my goodness, I can so see her as a teenager in this pic!!!

John David walking her to warm up...

turning in her card for the ribbon...

She got 6th place and was so excited to get her ribbon...
Madeline has been somewhat intimidated with the whole meet thingy 
just watched Janie in a state of disbelief...
kind of "and why do you like this so much???'
She said to Janie "but that is last place"
Janie's response, "It's pink"
sooooooo funny!!!

finishing back stroke:)

that teeny tiny body getting out of the pool!

this picture is blurry but it captures her look right as she got out of the pool:)
she always has a smile on her face!

2nd ribbon....
nuff said

breast stroke

and 3rd ribbon..

Everyone who really knows me knows that I love swimming.....
I really can't believe that God called me to THIS child only
AND she loves swimming....
God is all about those little bitty details isn't He??
I am amazed......
this sad little girl I was hauntingly drawn to...
He knew all along...
amazing is the only word that adequately describes such a thing as this.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!!!

While my childhood was not idyllic, I have been blessed immensely watching my children  be parented by wonderful fathers. God has blessed me twice. I can choose to dwell on what I and the big kids lost when Jeff passed away or I can choose to remember the wonderful memories he left us with. My grown children have secure, loving memories of their father and know it was not his desire to leave them.

God then blessed these grown kids with another father who loves them as his own and raised them just that way. It was not always easy in the beginning......that was a tough year on all of us.........but God knew exactly what He was doing. In His great mercy upon us he gave us a strong man to love and protect each and every one of us. A man who desires to follow God with all of his being. One thing I can say and do say often about Hank is that he is a fast learner and is always willing to try......and try hard he has over these years. He has learned all of our quirks and loves us anyway. We have learned all his quirks and love him anyway too haha! I have said many times that I don't know many men that could do what Hank did when he married all of us, we were the whole package deal. The responsibility he has for providing for this crew is enormous, yet he does not complain, just works harder. I so appreciate his willingness to care for us and the seriousness in which he takes his job as a father. For a man who did not think he would ever have any children in his late 30's to become a father of 6 in the next 11 years is such a blessing and somewhat funny at the same time. We are thankful God has such a great sense of humor.
this was Julianne's instagram post it and her!

 Hank was raised by a Godly man and actually listened to him as he grew up:). His sweet Dad is a man of few words but when he does say something it is usually wise. We have received much wise counsel from him. I am thankful that Hank continues to have such a sweet relationship with his father and continues to learn from him. Hank continues to follow his fathers is such a joy for me to see.

I LOVE this picture of Hank and his Dad....
they are walking the same and have their hand in their pockets the same:)

Happy Father's Day Hank!!!!!
We love and appreciate you!!!!!

Now some pics from the day!

John David had some serious diving board competition going on with the girls..
he rated each jump and they were totally into it...
Madeline yelled once that he is the best brother ever and yes I agree...
and that Gardner taught him how to be the best brother ever!

Before we swam the girls helped me water my flowers and I was able to sneak a few pics!

can you see her pajamas peeking out under her dress???
Yes, she wore them to church since her dad and I were unwilling to fight to get them off:)

It was a nice relaxing day!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Goin to Bloglovin....

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all my friends (who love me despite the truth) know I am technically challenged, right Courtney, Diana and Jennifer???? :)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Gardner!!

Gardner is 24 today, wow!! As John David used to say "is your surious??" Allie was born when I was 24 yet I still think of my big kids I know they are not. Specifically they are much cheaper than the little ones now:).  We are going to eat at The Majestic for his bday dinner.....I'm looking forward to seeing all my kiddos, oh yeah Julianne is not here wahhhhhhhhh. We will get to see her next month on our trip to Chicago:)

In honor of Gardner' birthday I'll attach a video of Janie dancing for him today. She is too funny and I'm quite sure Gardner taught her how to play the air guitar haha!

girlfriend is too funny!!

Ok just a few more random iphone pics for laughs of course

when I was in Chicago Allie and Eric came over to swim with the kids,
a storm came through and this is what Janie put on for her "storm outfit"

Hank sent me a pic of only 3 jars of pb and said I needed to take "drastic measures" since they were not all full. He is ok for now......

Madeline wanted to swim while Janie and I went to a recital. She was very upset that she would have to wait until Daddy cut the grass......the problem was solved:)
and yes she has dress up heels on along with her goggles and silky!

Madeline finally made it on the table at the dentist with her Mommy instead of Daddy:)

Friday, June 7, 2013

A Little Time With M.....

Janie fell asleep on the way home today so Madeline let me take a few pics of her. I have not played with my camera since I got home from China.

my sweet friend Lori made this dress for Madeline (and one for Janie too) 
I finally got one of these girls outside for a pic!!
.....I love this dress, so very precious!!

Madeline and her Daddy found a nest abandoned.....
they have kept it in the garage all winter

inspecting the egg...

oh those eyes!!!

we came back inside to find Janie sleeping away....

oh those lips!!!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer of Swimming......

Last summer was our summer of whining so this summer I decided we did not need a repeat of last summer so ALL the kids are swimming on the swim team. John David is swimming on 2 teams:). So far  the girls love it. They are both learning so fast......Janie of course is cracking us up!! She says she wants to swim like John David, no fear in this girl. Madeline of course is fearful of anything new and I am so very proud of her. She is doing so well......I think having her sister there is a huge help. The contrast from last summer is huge. Madeline was so fearful of giving up her place as the baby to her sister, now she is beginning to find her place in our family. Oh how I love these girls, craziness and all!!

Here is some of the crazy:). Lauren texted this pic to me tonight ( she saved my life today helping with all the schedule technicalities!!)
Madeline showing Lauren her "big eyes" haha
John David is so funny in the background "just a day in the life" look!

well Janie could not be outdone and had to send Laurnen her "big eyes"
bless her heart, she was trying so hard to make those "big eyes" haha!!

John David had a meet tonight for Collierville and was pleased with all his times. I can't believe I did not bring my camera since I can get much better pics outdoors, but the iphone will have to do!

he rocked his 50 butterfly and 100 free
but does not want to go to practice tomorrow:)

China pose

Some random pics I have on my phone!

Who knew you could leave your ID at the grocery so you can take the shopping cart to your apartment????

This Aston Martin was near Julianne's apartment and I had to send a pic to John David:)

Tyler sure makes a pretty girl:). He lets Carson "dress" him haha!

Janie jumping off the board at swimming lessons yesterday....
yes they are taking lessons as well,
we were already signed up before we decided to do the whole swim team thingy
so....just one more thing added to the week!
their teacher teaches safety which is not taught at swim practice,
I don't think they can be taught too much safety!

Summer of swimming it is!! They swam at 3 different pools today. Yes, I am tired but not tired of whining! It's all good:)