Thursday, May 16, 2013

And Finally......

.....Gardner's graduation. Not finally to him graduating but finally to me posting about it:). He finished his student teaching and classes in December for his masters in teaching. Last Saturday he had his graduation ceremony. Julianne has finished all her classes and will officially be finished in September. So.........the first batch of kiddos are DONE!!!!!! whoooooo hoooooo:)

It was a beautiful morning for an outside graduation!

Janie hitching a ride with Chris

Love this pic...
I sure wish  I had been using a digital camera when he graduated from high school..
his hair was about 12 inches longer!

those eyes....

Ma Kitty and Grandpa Jim got to join us

I have no idea what John David is up to here
other than shaking his head side to side????
I'm thinking he and Gardner were playing with the camera....boys:)

got the whole family minus Allie and Eric
I think they ran from the camera!

Congratulations Gardner!
We are so proud of you!!!