Thursday, May 30, 2013

Beginning of Summer Iphone Dump:)

Carson managed to catch a frog for Madeline.....
she was so excited....
until we had to have a burial a few days later!

I have no idea why I was getting this look lol!!

Janie "hanging" with John David and John Parker

John David got contacts today, he could not get over the fact that he can see so well without glasses!!

Jenn thinks this should be our Christmas card for next year...
here's hoping that Allie can pull it off...
makes me laugh out loud picturing all of us screaming and running!!!

Happy Summer....
we have already had a super busy week with swim team ect
and the house is a total wreck
whoooo hooooo:)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


We had a busy family filled weekend, lots of cooking and lots of eating!

Some of Julianne's friends came over one night...... It is so fun to see these girls together again.....They used to spend many hours at my house as they were growing up. I really can't believe how grown up they are........and yet some things never change!

Love these girls and am so proud of all of them!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

5th Grade Festivities!!!

John David has had one celebration after the other this past week. At his school he has 5th grade Crossing symbolizing the crossing over to the next campus. On Sunday night the 5th graders and their parents had their Crossing Party.

some of the boys hangin at their table
I just went back to this pic and am dying laughing
look closely at John David's eyes!! hahaha (the left eye is totally turned in)
I'm sure he was laughing at me while he was doing it!!!

I did not realize John David was crossing his eyes at me
thinking he was a little annoyed with his mother taking pictures...
I showed him the pic and he says I did not catch the full cross:)
the two of us are quite proud that we can cross one eye while looking straight with the other
I know, we are so talented!

mother-son dance
he is almost as tall as I am,
thinking he will pass me up this coming year!

the macarena

it takes a great dj to get all those boys out there with the girls!!

such a fun night to have with John David!!

Next was their last day of school
they had to have their field day in the gym since we got so much rain the night before

the macarena again:)
Caden is giving me the "not mom pics again look:)"

Madeline seeing Janie coming for her party:)

she went and got Janie a chair to sit next to her
love when she loves her sister:)

the Janie loves JP smile!

the Madeline loves David smile!

the little kids "helping" the 5th graders with their dodge ball game....
those 5th graders sure are patient!

a goober self pic:)
(wrinkles and all)
I love this boy!!!

Next up was their Crossing ceremony

awards were given

songs were sung

and he graduated on to 6th grade...

It is so strange to see these boys all dressed up!!!!
Next year they will have to wear their jackets every Friday for chapel:)

John David and Max saying goodbye to the library:)

We had a very busy great week!!
I'm looking forward to a little down time:)

The girls have started swim team so that should keep them busy and tired.
I am so proud of Madeline for trying something new,
I promised her she does not have to do a meet just practices and she is good with that!
Yesterday Janie was whining that she did not want to go....
I told her to put her suit on "just in case she changed her mind"
She never checked up, just got in the pool and kicked away:)

The team had a "mock meet" last night,
Madeline and Janie said they just wanted to watch.
When Janie saw the kids getting ribbons she told me,
" I told you I wanted to do that"
haha, and no she did not!!!
I bet she will be the one that gets Madeline to swim a meet:)

We are looking forward to a "nothing to do" weekend  whooo hooooo!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

And Finally......

.....Gardner's graduation. Not finally to him graduating but finally to me posting about it:). He finished his student teaching and classes in December for his masters in teaching. Last Saturday he had his graduation ceremony. Julianne has finished all her classes and will officially be finished in September. So.........the first batch of kiddos are DONE!!!!!! whoooooo hoooooo:)

It was a beautiful morning for an outside graduation!

Janie hitching a ride with Chris

Love this pic...
I sure wish  I had been using a digital camera when he graduated from high school..
his hair was about 12 inches longer!

those eyes....

Ma Kitty and Grandpa Jim got to join us

I have no idea what John David is up to here
other than shaking his head side to side????
I'm thinking he and Gardner were playing with the camera....boys:)

got the whole family minus Allie and Eric
I think they ran from the camera!

Congratulations Gardner!
We are so proud of you!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Catching Up....

I'll cover Friday first:)
John David gave his 5th grade speech on Friday morning during Mother's Day chapel. He spoke on laughter, very fitting for him and our family:). I have watched a few of these speeches over the years at our school and I'm always amazed at how well these children do. They are very composed and don't appear nervous at all. I know for a fact I could not have done that in 5th grade. John David did an amazing job and I am very proud of him. They sang a few songs at the end and it was hard to keep it together.....I can't believe I will be a middle school Mom again next school year! My goodness time flies, especially when your child is super easy haha!

I cannot believe these boys are so old looking now...
just wait a few more years and they will be much taller than their Mamas:)
John David and Caden have been buddies since Kindergarten.

John David, we are so proud of you!!!!
You are the sweetest kindest boy..
we love you so!!!

Next up was Madeline's Mother's Day program in the afternoon!!
She had a speaking part....
If you remember just a few years ago she would not even get on a stage...
Mrs. Lawo her preK teacher worked so hard to help her become comfortable
she would take her to the commons area and let her practice getting on stage by herself:)

I still can't believe how confident Madeline was..
such a special moment for me and Hank!

She is saying that her Mommy got her in China:)

Oh Janie.....:)

Madeline and Collin say they are getting married
maybe they will since they have been saying it for 2 years haha!!

I am so proud of this little girl!
She amazes me....
She thinks deeply and feels deeply,
trust me she has thought about every aspect of any situation!
She also loves her Mommy deeply as I do her....
She is a treasure 
I adore this child!