Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What It's All About......

I had the privilege of meeting Janie's foster Mom and Dad today
and what a privilege it was!

Our day started by going to a park to meet all the foster moms and children in the Pearl River program.
When I met Janie's foster mother we both hugged....
I was able to tell her through Julie how much I appreciate her love and care for Janie.
When we told her that Janie kisses her picture at night she started to cry...
it was a special moment for this Mom...
I gave her the book of pictures of Janie that I made her
and we both cried.....
a time I will cherish all of my life

looking at Janie's book:)

Before we went to the foster parents home we visited with the precious children at the park, went to lunch with the orphanage staff . At which time I inadvertently ate pig stomach, yep that's right!! It looked just like mushroom, who knew??? I'm not a fan.......
the rest remained on my plate!

We then went Janie's foster parents apartment
It was surreal driving through the alleyways,
destitute is a word that pops in my mind...
such a humbling experience

the stairway entrance to the apartment

Janie's bed which is now Hannah's in the main bedroom
I was also able to meet the parents son who has another bedroom

telling her a little about our Janie

I truly love this woman
what a gift she was for Janie and now to Hannah

I was able to meet her foster Dad as well
he said he loved Qing Zhong very much...
He smiled so big when we talked about her!
They had such a sweet kindness about them....
I was able to tell them how thankful we are to them
that Janie is who she is due to their love and care for her

I am overwhelmed by their quiet kindness
truly a special beautiful time.....
a drastic difference and a breathe of fresh air from yesterday
proof that God gently watched over my baby....

Meeting the kids was such a highlight and an amazing experience, a real heart changing time. I will be forever changed by this experience......

precious Hannah
I am in love
she is with Janie's foster Mom
need I say more




Hannah is very attached to her foster Mom
just like Janie was
absolutely precious

Leighton just stole the show:)

Julie with Hannah



Just love Hannah peeking around:)

precious Ms. Meng

this picture does not do her justice
what a sweet personality she has




LOVE this of Diana playing with Kelan and Quinn!

Each and every child was precious beyond words!
We were able to distribute blankets for each child
(read about that on Pearl River Blog stop by and sponsor a child:)
sunglasses, toys, candy 
hugs and kisses!

Tomorrow we head to Hengshan by train for the day
for another emotional heart changing day!

Such a special day with special friends!